Introducing the Carnesparsian

The real fruit ninja. by: i.imgur

Do you want to be healthier? do your bit for the environment? do another bit for animal welfare? Most importantly, do you enjoy a good fruit salad as much as Drake?

If the answer to any of these questions are yes, you might want to jump on the carnesparsian bandwagon.

There has been an avalanche of research in the past few months showing why eating less meat is a good idea. From allowing us to end deforestation, living longer, saving lives, reducing co2 emissions and saving cash, the path of the mighty carnesparsian is hard to refuse.

So why not give it a try?

Basically, it involves cutting down on meat as much as possible. If you are cutting down for health reasons, best to stay away from processed and red meats. If it’s for the environment, red meat is top of the list of offenders, shrimp is also awful in this regard. If its for animal welfare reasons, why not try to stick to only organic, free-range produce?

Whatever your reason, cutting down on meat could just be the key to saving the environment and your lower intestine — so go ahead and give it a go.


p.s. yes, the carnesparsian is somewhat like the flexitarian, except you won’t sound like you do yoga twice a day.



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