Make Black Friday Green

environmental-protection-683437_960_720pixabayThis Black Friday, why not avoid the soul and ribcage crushing mayhem at the store and do something a bit more original.

There are 256 million Americans who purchased 67 billion dollars worth of stuff in 2015. That’s $403 dollars per person. Guess how much of that stuff from last year is still being used today? A measly 1 percent. Yep, we are effectively p*ssing our hard earned cash into the wind. Even worse, this stuff that we entertain for a short time before throwing away has untold negative consequences for the health of our planet. For example, as a direct result of our rampant consumerism, we have cut down 46% of all trees on earth. That’s 400 trees per person.

So, before the new frenzy of consumerism arrives this Friday, let’s take a step back and think about what makes us truly thankful. My guess is, it isn’t the abandoned iPod in the corner. What really makes us happy is when we do something meaningful, when we help others.

Imagine for a second if every American did something worthwhile on Black Friday. For example, we could plant the 400 trees that we have each lost due to the reckless consumerism of years gone by. This isn’t as hard as it sounds. With you can have your missing trees planted for only $40 dollars, that’s only 10 percent of the average $403 that an American spends on Black Friday. If every American planted their missing trees, together, we could plant 129 billion trees! These trees are planted by a non-profit charity working with local communities who are struggling to survive on degraded land. By setting up sustainable farming systems that provide increased soil fertility, reduced soil erosion and protection from flooding – trees save lives.

This year make a change and replant your missing 400 trees, or buy them as a gift. Go to to get your personalized gift certificate. If you are thankful for the blessings that you have, then why not give others the chance to be thankful too. I wish you a truly happy holidays.


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